TeamWare, a COL Group company, is installing a large number of CCI controllers. The CCI, acronym which in Italian means central power plant controller, is the equipment designated to perform the functions of data collection from the Renewable Energy System plant and transmission to the distribution system operator (DSO). Renewable energy producers with power ≥ 1 MW connected or to be connected to medium voltage grid are obliged (as per “MV grid observability” ARERA Resolution 540/2021/R/EEL) by January 31, 2024 to collect real-time power plant data and transmit to the DSO and from this to the transmission system operator (TSO). The final goal is the optimization of grid dispatching services. All the existing producers who will install the system by the end of January 2024 will benefit of a government’s bonus gradually decreasing over time starting from €10,000.