Leading the sustainability transformation

Our Strategy 2030 aims to ensure that COL GROUP leads the sustainability transformation in the industry over the next decade. We are working to support the sustainable future of our planet and the long-term success of our customers, as well as the success of our own business. These ambitions are embodied in two of our Strategy 2030 goals – to lead with low-carbon circular economy solutions and to enhance sustainability across the value chain.

Our commitment to sustainability

At COL GROUP, we have worked for years to reduce the environmental impact, for example our main sites in Turin and Catania cover the entire needs for energy with photovoltaic energy. Now we are accelerating our efforts as we pursue our ambition to create a renewable energy community in both sites –and in collaboration with one of our Italian customers we are developing a breakthrough innovation to better control remotely the energy transmission, hence we will be able to increase quality and reduce the energy waste and generate a huge benefit for our environment. 

Our sustainability work is also becoming increasingly holistic by incorporating important topics such as reutilization of old parts and reducing the need for rare raw materials.

Partnering for a low-carbon society

We are contributing to a low-carbon economy by striving to minimise impact across our entire value chain, starting by optimising our own operations and, through our solutions and services, those of our customers. Partnerships are essential to realise this ambition, promote responsible sourcing, recycling and circularity.

 Our climate targets involve achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2030