Signaling Sphere


ENEL-approved with table LM805 since 1994
The SAE model spheres are designed to be laid both manually and with the robot system helicopter transported by Comel srl.
– Over 50,000 of our spheres are present on the HV power lines guard ropes and/or conductors in Italy, in the European Union countries and others.
– With the Robot, assembly can take place with live lines avoiding expensive out of service periods.

Technical Characteristics
Each SAE type sphere consists of 2 polyethylene half-shells, loaded with 20% glass fibre. The spheres comply with the Enel LM 805 Unification Table, the EU LM 830 construction and testing requirements and were approved on 12/5/94. They are covered by a national and international patent for the self-locking tightening part.

Stress resistant
Once the string constituting the test field is brought into vibration with a frequency between 20 and 25Hz and for 10 Megacycles, the spheres maintain their resistance to sliding; the displacement from the initial position is less than 2 mm.
During the tests, the noise produced by the spheres, purified from the background noise and measured at a distance of 2mm, was less than 68 dB.

Shock resistant
By sliding along the rope a striker hitting the spheres with an energy of 100 Joules, there was a displacement from the initial position of less than 40 mm and no breakages and lesions occurred.

Resistance to accelerated climatic aging
The spheres, subjected to irradiation by means of broad spectrum lamps, humidification, spraying with demineralised water, immersion in acid bath, thermal cycle, do not present breakages, erosions, cracks, disassemblies and the decay of the sliding seal, colour and the mechanical characteristics of the materials is less than the limits allowed by EU LM 830.

Slip resistant
The balls, mounted on a piece of rope about 10 m long, have a sliding resistance greater than 70 daN.

Geometrical characteristics
The spheres have the axis of the rope as their main inertia axis. The torque determined on the main axis is less than 0.06 Nm. Total mass of the spheres: diameter 400 diameter 600

Colour characteristics
The half-shells of the spheres are coloured in accordance with DIN/RAL 2002 Blutorange and DIN/RAL 9010 Reinwei standards.

Mechanical resistance of the clamps
Nominal closing force 270 daN, twice this value there are no deformations or breakages.

Contact device on synthetic rubber rope
The embrittlement temperature of synthetic rubbers measured according to ASTM D 746-87 is less than -30°C