High Voltage Systems & Engineering


Having the main objective of reducing congestion from FRNP (Non-Programmable Renewable Sources), COL has created for Terna SPA a highly innovative pilot project called SANC, based on the use of electrochemical storage technologies (“energy intensive”) and characterized by high storage capacity compared to the plants’ power size based on NAS battery technology (sodium / sulphur technology).

Flumeri SANC is the 12 MW power plant built by COL with a net energy capacity of about 80 MWh, located in the municipality of Flumeri Avellino and pertaining to the 150 kV “Benevento 2 – Bisaccia 380” backbone.

The plant is currently in operation under remote control. The functions developed for the network services management and enslavement of the storage units allow not only to remotely manage and control the plants in order to maximize the expected primary objectives (congestion mitigation from FRNP), but also to effectively contribute to maintaining safety levels for the NTG (e.g. primary frequency regulation) and to make the most of the highly innovative nature of the project (e.g. experimental calibration of the primary regulation and enslavement to secondary f-P regulation, development of new advanced conduction, monitoring and dispatching, etc.).