Systems & Electronics

Remote Terminal Unit for remote control and surveillance of secondary substation in medium voltage networks.

WM-UP8 (16)

The UP devices, installed in secondary substations of medium voltage distribution networks, are intended to:

  • Monitor the operation of the medium voltage networks (detect switchgear status and fault signals, acquire field measurement);

  • Remotely control the secondary substations switchgears;

  • Implement automatic procedures for the selection of the faulty branch.

The WM-UP8(16) is composed of:

  • Elaboration Unit (UE) device, standard version (UE8) or extended (UE16)

  • Power supply and battery charger (PSBC) device

  • Cabinet and wiring

UE Elaboration unit

The UE device is the hearth of the UP since it hosts the monitoring and remote-control logic of the secondary substation.

UE can record the substation temperature using a 2 or 4-wires temperature sensor.

The UE is suitable for mounting on 19’’ standard rack and can be provided is two versions:

  • UE8 or Standard version, 4U high

  • UE16 or Extended version, 7U high

Communication Protocols1

IEC 60870-5-101 via RS232 port

IEC 60870-5-104 via Ethernet or RS232 port

MODBUS TCP/IP via Ethernet port

IEC 61850 MMS


The PSBC charges the batteries that supply power to the components installed in the secondary substation (UE, RGDAT/RGDM, switchgears) and supply +12Vdc to the DCE.

The PSBC is suitable for mounting on 19’’ standard rack and is 3U high.

Protocols are also available in their secured version according to IEC 62351