Medium Voltage


Our mixed modular compartments of the RGE series are created to compose various types of Medium Voltage (M.T.) switchboards up to 24 kV and 630 A and with internal arc withstand, according to the customer’s needs.
The compartment consists of a stainless steel casing containing components such as on-load disconnectors or the vacuum circuit-breaker or, current and voltage detection instruments such as classic CT and VT, all the other parts (busbar compartment and compartment cables) are contained in a galvanized or painted sheet metal structure. The cable and busbar connections are air-insulated.
The following products are derived from the basic technology of the RGE compartments:

Line sectioning compartment, our model RGE-LE / 16-630
Transformer protection compartment, our model RGE-T / 16-630
Switch compartment, our R-ICS model
Measurements compartment, our RGE-UTMX model


The medium voltage switchboards for interiors of the RGE series are made by placing modular units side by side in a coordinated way in order to guarantee protection and disconnection of the line. In accordance with IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-102, IEC 60265-1, IEC 62271-200, IEC 60376, IEC 62271-105, IEC 60529, IEC 60694 standards, the individual compartments have a self-supporting structure and are made in galvanized, bare or painted sheet steel. The RGE series switchboards are characterized by extremely small dimensions, ease of inspection, quick maintenance and guarantee of personnel safety

All compartments are with internal arc withstand in accordance with the CEI EN 62271-200 standard with accessibility class limited to authorized personnel only (Class A).
The ICS series complies with the following standards: CEI EN 62271-100, CEI EN 62271-200, CEI EN 62271-102, CEI EN 60529, CEI EN 62271-1