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The PDM7036C device (DV7036 Digital Multifunction Platform Complete version) performs the Distance Protection and Monitoring functions of the Primary Substations of ENEL-Distribuzione; it is used for the protection of lines with voltage 120 ÷ 150 kV, in networks with “Neutral on the Ground”.
It is fully compliant with the ENEL-Distribuzione specification
“Specifica funzionale del pannello di linea AT della cabina primaria (UP/LAT)”: Edizione 2.3, Giugno 2010

• distance protection
• maximum current protection for high resistance earth faults
• broken conductor protection
• antipendulation
• teleprotection
• Identification of the distance of the point of failure and of the phases involved.
• Chronological acquisition of all events, intended as status changes, affecting the panel functions including self-diagnosis information
• Disturbance record
• Recording of analog signals
• Recording of digital input / output signals and status of protection functions.
• Communication to remote systems
• Remote reporting
• Auxiliary processing
• Diagnostics
• Self-diagnosis
• Monitoring of voltage circuits (protection lock for VTS)
• Protection lock for ATV (opening of the voltage circuit protection switch)
• Measurements of voltage, current, active and reactive power
• Metering


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