High Voltage Systems & Engineering


DIGIS consists of an advanced digital technology station monitoring, control and defence system, intended for defence a type of HT plants of Terna Rete Italia which have an age of service of circa 25 years and are operated through a traditional SPCC control protecting system, with wired logic connection (DCO and DPT variants). DIGIS is also a technological and functional expansion of the SPCC system, which aims at an upgrade of the acquisition, elaboration, local memory storage and transmission capacities (a part in real time and a part deferred relative to disturbance recording) of monitoring data flows to various Terna Rete Italia centres. DIGIS also makes it possible to have easily remote access for system operating needs (maintenance and emergency intervention). DIGIS is oriented to the use of the IEC 61850 protocol, but integrates devices and systems already installed in the system and communicating with other protocols. (e.g. IEC 60870-5-103, Modbus/TCP).