High Voltage Systems & Engineering


The system represents a new generation of control, command, automation, protection and monitoring systems for the Terna HV and AAT distributed logic stations, generally achieved through intelligent protection, control and monitoring (IED) devices interconnected on a high-speed communication network (LAN). This architecture constitutes the new “de facto” system that is applied in Italy to replace wired logic systems and station automation.

The DAS-COL architecture is based on the definition of precise functional, construction and operational rules that together allow the design, construction, installation and operation of modern station automation systems in T.S.O./Distribution systems.

The DAS-COL system can be sized according to the size of the electrical substation to be managed, while maintaining its performance, functionality and modularity characteristics. The concept of modularity is oriented to facilitate future system modifications and/or extensions. The system also provides SCADA supervision of the system using a redundant 61850 architecture that represents the collector of all information acquired by the individual IEDs. The system provides all the command-and-control functions based on various management levels (local, distant and remote by the remote-control systems IEC 60870-5-104). Strongly oriented towards Cyber Security, the DAS-COL system integrates access management mechanisms, log management and procedures for consolidating validated and trusted systems / configurations.