High Voltage Systems & Engineering


The BU COL9000 provides control and monitoring for bay applications including synchro check, auto reclosure and transformer voltage regulator. In this flyer we show the main characteristics.

The BU COL9000 is certified for the Terna SAS 2006 project

Bu9020 is the latest Bay Control Unit generation (BCU) in control applications for medium, high and very high voltage systems. In addition to managing I/O signals, the device is equipped with numerous integrated, configurable functions, which make it an optimal solution as a control device for real-time automation systems. Bu9020. Integrated SoftPLC for defining customized logic in all the languages required by the IEC 61131 standard; direct interaction between SCADA and SoftPLC for the passage of data and commands; serial and Ethernet communication protocols (IEC 61850 with reporting and GOOSE, IEC 60870, MODBUS, etc.).